Grey Knights Kastellan Crowe

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Castellan Crowe

"To the righteous we bring hope. To the stained we bring fire."

    - Castellan Garran Crowe

Garran Crowe is a Castellan of the Order of Grey Knights Space Marines and a notable hero of this elite unit of Astartes. Castellan Crowe is both head and brotherhood champion of the Purifier Order.

A nobler specimen of the Grey Knights would be impossible to find - measured against the Grey Knights, Crowe is a flawless soul, not so much resistant to the temptations of Chaos as immune to them.

This is just as well, for Garran carries a burden greater than any of his brethren: the Black Blade of Antwyr, a cursed relic of unimaginable evil that constantly puts him in both physical and spiritual danger by tempting him with the promises of Chaos power or attempting to bind his will with black sorcery.

Still, Crowe must forever be on guard as the sword's hissing whisper echoes endlessly through his head, offering to amplify his own power in the pursuit of victory. Many men would jump at such a chance, thinking their will was strong enough to control the sword.

But no matter how dark the hour or how desperate the battle, Crowe has never lost; his thoughts and actions are his own. He is the guardian of the blade, incorruptible and untouchable, and will remain so until the day he dies.

Some of the Grand Masters believe that Crowe embodies a dormant strain of the Order's gene-seed, a piece of the Emperor that has awakened and taken root within him. It is this quality that gives Crowe a unique perspective on the world, as he does not see chaos as others do. For Crowe, the immaterial is like water flowing over reality, cool and deep, with demons flitting like shadows beneath its surface.


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