Grey Knights Interceptor Squad

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A Gray Knights Interceptor Squad is a formation of specialized warriors unique to the Gray Knights Space Marine Chapter. Interceptor Squads carry personal teleporters – backpack-sized devices that allow the squad to teleport from place to place without the massive machine arrays of traditional Imperial teleportation devices that can usually only be deployed by starships due to their size and power needs.

Gray Knights, equipped with personal teleporters, can react on the fly to battlefield circumstances and travel vast straight-line distances by "maneuvering" themselves through warp space. Of all warriors in the service of the Empire, only the Gray Knights could hope to wield such unusually advanced technology.

As diverse as any of the Empire's Space Marine Chapters, the Gray Knights include specialized warriors in their numbers to deal with the myriad of combat situations. Many of them, like Techmarines and Librarians, are organized and trained in much the same way as other Chapters, following the ancient policies and traditions set out in the Codex Astartes.

Others are unique to the Gray Knights and only found within their ranks, such as the Gray Knights Strike Squad, specially trained and equipped for a task specific to the Gray Knights' eternal war against the Demons.

While most Astartes fight in wars, launch raids, and engage in other traditional military actions, the Gray Knights order specialize in responding to demonic threats in the blink of an eye, being combat-ready, and quickly ending the threat before it destroys entire planets can destroy .

When rapid response is required, Gray Knights warriors can be outfitted with personal teleporters and assigned to an Interceptor Squad. Gray Knights serving as part of an Interceptor Squad are equipped with personal teleporters, allowing them to move from one location to another without the need for a special teleportarium. These backpack-sized gadgets allow the squad to teleport from place to place without the massive machine parks of traditional gadgets.

These miniatures can be built as a Gray Knights Interceptor Squad, Strike Squad, Purificator Squad or Purgator Squad.


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