Grey Hunters

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Gray Hunter is the second rank of the Space Wolves Chapter. These Space Marines make up the bulk of a Space Wolf Great Company, much like the Tactical Squads of a Codex chapter.

After surviving their first service as Blood Claws (a process that can take decades or even centuries), Space Wolves are promoted to the ranks of the Gray Hunters and allowed to trade their bolt pistols for the venerable boltguns that are the mainstay of the Armory of a Space Marine

The Gray Hunters are just as hungry for battle as their Blood Claw brethren, but their aggression is tempered by experience, which has taught them the value of patience and cunning. Excellent on both offense and defense, Gray Hunters can also determine which approach best suits the tactical situation at hand. When they go on the offensive, they display the pack skills of true hunters, advancing with deliberate suppressive fire and flawless coordination until they get close enough to the enemy to unleash their savage charge.

As a Space Wolf grows older and more experienced, the Canis Helix - the unique aspect of the Space Wolves Genesis Seed - causes more extreme physical changes. By the time they achieve Gray Hunter status, their hair has literally turned gray, their fangs have grown longer, their skins have become tougher, and in some extreme cases their eyes can yellow until they resemble the wolves of Fenris, which is larger than ever

Normally, a brave, experienced warrior is chosen from among the Gray Hunter packs to join the Wolf Guard. That this happens is a great honor for both the individual Marine and his pack. The pack may well craft a saga to commemorate the warriors' deeds and associate them with future battle brothers. These sagas imbue younger Marines with combat knowledge and inspire their courage and bravery as they seek to surpass their predecessors. After serving as the Gray Hunter for some time, the pack is formed into the heavy weapons team known as the Long Fangs.

With the recent introduction of the Primaris Space Marines, Logan Grimnar has attempted to blend the ancient customs of Fenris with those of the Space Marines' influx of new warriors and gear. To this end, Gray Hunters have taken on the role of Suppressor Squads.

A standard Gray Hunter pack consists of 5-10 Marines armed with bolters, melee weapons, and frag and krak grenades. Select members of the pack can arm themselves with a melta, flame, or plasma cannon, or specialized melee weapons like a Power Weapon or even a Power Fist. Additionally, one of the Gray Hunters can be assigned to carry the Wolf Standard.

In their role as oppressors, Gray Hunters Accelerator wield autocannons and wear Omnis-Pattern Mk.X Power Armor.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 218 components with which to make ten Space Wolves miniatures. There are five different leg variants, six torso variants, five backpack variants, and 28 variant heads, meaning there's an incredible number of ways to personalize your backpack - mix and match them as Gray Hunters, Blood Claws, or Wolf Guard!

This kit contains ten Citadel 32mm Round bases.


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