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Gretchin, Grots, or Runts are a lowly Orkoid slave race who do the menial jobs that Orcs consider high.

Gretchin have a similar physical structure to Orc, but are much smaller and weaker. They have short wrinkled legs and grasping fingers to use their greatest skill, their lowly cunning. Far more numerous than orcs, they have large bulbous heads with tattered ears that flatten when frightened. They have sharp jaws, which are their best physical weapon. They have excellent senses of smell and hearing, and they have effective night vision. These traits support their self-preservation and allow them to survive in the dangerous society of orcs. Some Gretchin have even developed some sort of sixth sense, or natural ability to be far luckier than their due.

The Gretchin are lucky enough in their roles. They hold little grudge against their superiors, for them orcs are simply a fact of life. Individual gretchins can enjoy a relatively comfortable existence by providing valuable service to their orc masters. Most grots are owned by orcs as personal servants, although some band together into loose tribes that may even possess working weapons and equipment. The Gretchin have created their own corporate culture in their orc-dominated society. Many Gretchin run their own black market businesses on the side, such as selling mushroom beer, roasting squigs on sticks, coordinating bets when a fight breaks out, or looting corpses for fun and profit.

There is a faction called the Rebel Grots who have experienced too much of their rough treatment and have rebelled against their masters. Because of their organizational skills, they could sometimes build and maintain war machines and artillery.

Since Gretchin is synonymous with cunning, short stature, cowardice, negligent physical ability, and other things considered un-Orky, the term "Grott" is used derisively among the larger Ork Boyz. ie - "Da' Boss needs some real guys to do this job, not you pack of grotz!"

Although they usually obey the Orcs, Gretchin could live alone - on planets where only Gretchins have settled, and even create small empires in space that completely mimic the Orcs' empires.

Gretchin are known for their poor combat skills, but they make up for it in sheer numbers. They often go to war with a simple weapon that fires volleys of looted ammunition before pouncing on their enemies in a killing rage, tearing them to pieces with their teeth. Orcs use Grechin mobs in combat to do everything from minefield clearance to flesh shield to living carpet. A few "lucky" Gretchin can man the Orky artillery known as Big Gunz, and while they are not on the front lines of battle, manning Big Gunz often comes with dangers such as electrocution, maiming, and almost certainly deafening crew. Other uses for Gretchin in combat include piloting Killer Kans, smaller Gretchin-crewed Deff Dreads, into battle and using them as turrets on vehicles and emplacements. Sometimes they also accompany Ork Warlords and Flash Gits as Ammo Runts, follow Mekboys into the fray as Oilers, and run around to Painboys as Medics. A caste of Oddboyz known as Runtherds accompany the Gretchin into battle, and they are often needed to keep the Gretchin from escaping battle. These Orcs often use Squig Hounds and Grabba-Stiks to contain their attacks.

This box set contains 10 multi-part plastic Gretchin and one multi-part plastic Orc Runtherd, including: 12 Gretchin head variants and 2 Runtherd head variants, which allow you to assemble a Horde Gretchin in different poses. Models supplied with 32mm round Bases for the Orc and 25mm round Bases for the Gretchin.


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