Gravelords Vampire Lord

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Vampire Lord

Vampire Lords are among the most terrifying of all undead. Each possesses the strength of several men, reactions to match even those of a Hyshian blademaster, instinctive mastery of the black arts, and cunning as sharp as it is ferocious. Their powers are diverse and uncanny: many can cause an enemy's blood to boil in their veins with just a single arcane leap, or transform into clouds of reddish mist to swiftly traverse the battlefield.

Vampires are sources of Shyishan magic, and their willpower is such that their mere presence bolsters the hordes they raise to wage their wars. As they endure the long centuries, a vampire becomes more and more dangerous; Lifelong wars hone their skills to levels far beyond mortals, and their mastery of necromancy deepens. These older creatures are known as vampire lords, and all would do well to fear them. Able to smash aside a mortal shield wall alone, they have such a contempt for life that a vampire lord, even in mid-fight, will sink his fangs into a worthy opponent's neck and suckle his vitae in deep gulps. Some even carry profane chalices filled with the blood of slaughtered holy men, from which they drink and strengthen themselves when necessary.

Though many vampires live their lives in extravagant luxury, when war calls they take on a terrifying appearance: Accompanied by swarms of screeching bats, they don bladed armor adorned with dynastic sigils. Some Vampire Lords, particularly the semi-bestial chiefs who rule the blood clans of Ghur, fight at the forefront of every battle, while others focus on empowering their warriors through necromancy.

A select few - necessarily the most martial - take to the fight atop the majestic form of a risen zombie dragon. Not only does this grant them a massive mount capable of crushing hordes of enemies with contemptible ease, but it also provides a splendid vantage point from which to see and be seen on the battlefield—vampire lords are proud creatures, and little stirs their lifeless hearts more than filling an enemy's final moments with a sense of utter powerlessness and soul-sucking terror.

This kit is supplied in 12 plastic components with which to make one Vampire Lord, and is supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round base.


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