Gravelords Deadwalker Zombies

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Deadwalker Zombies

brains! Braains, one zombie is no problem, many zombies are a threat, a zombie sea is unstoppable. Hunger is their only fuel, allowing them to gain surprising speed when prey gets too close, and those unfortunate enough to be killed by a zombie join the ranks of the Soulblight before the battle is over.

“I suffered the worst when I fought her for the first time. They were so slow to react that I saw an opening to almost cut the first one in half with my sword. I expected him to fall to the ground, so he got his own sword in my shoulder. I kept fighting, but when we defeated them, all of us who survived were bleeding, most of us from multiple wounds. It wasn't enough to defeat them - we had to try to outlast them too.”

Deadwalker zombies are the corpses of the recently deceased, given animus by the power of necromancy. Rotting flesh clings to their bones and emits a stench of corpses, while decaying vocal cords retain the ability to moan wordlessly. Shrouded in tattered clothing, some have a loose grip on their primitive makeshift weapons, though many are content to tear the living apart with dirty nails and teeth. Deadwalkers are completely mindless, and since the outbreak of the Necroquake, wanderings of these dead shamblers have become a common threat to which the denizens of the realms must adapt. Bogs, swamps, and plague pits are all places from which a Deadwalker march can begin, and many free cities have deployed volunteer gangs known as "pyre gangs" whose job it is to track down and destroy Deadwalker epidemics before they do they can spread.

Though deadwalker zombies are clumsy, slow, and their movements hampered by frayed muscles, they should never be underestimated. Even the most honorable of vampires sees these vile creatures as possessions to be spent at will; Zombies will pound against a fortress wall until it collapses or they do, and they will march non-stop across fields of searing flames and into storms of arrowfire. Like a cloying swamp bestowed with movement and agency, they drag down the living, many of whom are forced to face the decaying bodies of their own kin amidst the horde. Worst of all, these slain are resurrected by the necrotic magic clinging to the deadwalkers, who moan insanely as they stagger to their feet and murderously stagger onto their allies from earlier.

Zombies are grotesquely reanimated corpses, forced to rise to undeath by the dark magic of a vampire or necromancer and driven by their master's will to commit acts of extreme violence. It is a foul sight indeed, living corpses enraged with decay and unclean flesh. A zombie's skin hangs in strips from its tattered body, revealing withered muscles and drained veins. Using necromancy, these zombies stagger toward enemies with grasping arms and fangs.

But zombies are often more than just corpses, for when the vampire lords are on the warpath, their necromancers are often forced to improvise to assemble a truly unstoppable horde. Spiky and rusting graveyard fence railings are replaced with missing limbs; broken backs are propped up on rotten boards or hammered into a semblance of solidity with rusty coffin nails. Fingers severed by savage sword blows are replaced by jagged spikes and elven arrowheads. Every debilitating wound they sustain is compensated with stomach-twisting practicality, for all a zombie's masters ask of them is to stumble into battle.

Despite their terrifying appearance, zombies are slow and clumsy, making it easy for local militias and adventurous warbands to take down individuals or even bring down small groups without casualties. Unfortunately, the Old World has a rich supply of corpses, and as a result zombies can be raised and unleashed on the living in overwhelming numbers.

These vile undead have no skills to speak of, instead being driven only by an insatiable urge to tear, kill, and consume the living. Any warrior unfortunate enough to be taken down by a zombie horde is slowly being torn apart by a mass of desperately clawing fingers, flesh ripped from the body in grisly, glistening chunks. The lucky die quickly, but the unfortunate souls trampled under the crumbling horde spend their death throes in wretched agony while their bowels turn to a crimson feast.

Soldiers who have met the undead in combat or heard the horrifying tales whispered around the campfire know the best methods for killing the Restless Dead. A blow to the skull with a warhammer or ax will usually kill a zombie instantly, and severing the head is an even more certain method of destruction. But precise strikes like this require focus and skill, and zombies are rarely found singly or in pairs.

This kit contains 94 plastic parts with which to build 20 Deadwalker Zombies. These models are supplied with 20x Citadel 25mm Round bases.


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