Grass Flock Applicator Box

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The Green Stuff World’s Grass Flock Applicator Box is a unique and versatile flocking device that allows the flocking of realistic grasses for small-scale models and wargame figures. With this tool, you will be able to easily create realistic static grass tufts and scrubs as well as the flocking of many other surfaces such as scrapbooking creations, jewelry boxes, toys, and plastic trees, for example.

We recommend using the Green Stuff World high electrostatic flock range for better performance since it has been specially manufactured to maximize electrical conductivity. Using low-quality flock fibers, or even old and dried flocks may result in less satisfactory results.

In reference to which glue is better to use, you can simply use PVA glue, but we recommend using Tuft Glue from Green Stuff World since it has better properties and results. This tuft glue holds the flocking better, has very little or non-dripping, and also allows you to create repositionable tufts.

The Grass Flock Applicator Box is powered by a 9V battery (not supplied) which provides a static electric current to charge the flock fibers, causing them to be arranged vertically on the mat, paper, or other craft materials, giving a realistic 3D effect. The grass flock applicator box is efficient and delivers excellent results, it is cordless and only requires a 9v battery, so no unnecessary cables are needed. The lightweight and protected design allows you to work more safely and cleanly in the workspace.

Take advantage of the included flocking chamber that simplifies the flocking process to the maximum, reduces the consumption of grass flocks, and avoids the dispersion of all the fibers on the surface around the machine.

Recommended Method of Application:

  1. Place the Grass Flock Applicator Box inside the flock chamber.
  2. Place Flock on top of the charging silver plate.
  3. Attach the model to the metallic black part at the flock chamber cover. We recommend the use of magnets.
  4. Add Tuft Glue to the surface to be flocked.
  5. Connect the crocodile clip to the black metal sheet through the open side of the flock chamber above the Box. In case of not using the flock chamber, connect the crocodile clip to the adhesive coated part of the model.
  6. Press the on/off button to switch the unit on. This will allow the flock to be charged.
  7. Flock fibres should now jump from the applicator plate and cover the Adhesive coated object. The distance between the applicator and the object to be flocked should be approximately 3 - 4 inches maximum to achieve the best finish.
  8. Once flock has been applied to the desired level, switch off the applicator and set the item down to dry.
  9. Discharge the excess charge by placing the tip of the earth lead onto the charging plate. Do not touch the Plate or end of the earth lead with your hand during this process.
  10. Gently shake the excess flock from the flocked area, but do NOT touch the “flocked” area until the adhesive is dried.
  11. Once the adhesive has set, excess flock may be removed and the “flocked” area may be touched, and brushed off.

Finally, we recommend carefully reading the warnings in our user manual to avoid minor accidental electroshocks, as well as wearing adequate protection during use and handling.


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