Gorkanaut / Morkanaut

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Gorkanaut / Morkanaut

Gorkanauts are a type of heavy orc walker.

Built in the image of the orc god Gork, the Gorkanaut possesses all the raw brutality of its namesake. Gorkanauts are all about raw killing power, acting as linebreakers and leading Ork infantry charges in combat. Piloted by a Nob, the Walker is everything an Orc wants to be: big, tough, loud, and destructive. This pilot is an outcast from his own tribe for crimes like using other orcs for target practice, and once inside his machine he'll stomp on their former settlement in revenge.

The Gorkanaut's main weapon is the Deffstorm Mega-Shoota and the massive Claw of Gork. It's also armed with two double-linked Big Shootas, two Rokkit Launchas, and a Skorcha.

This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to assemble one Orc Mornanaut or one Orc Gorkanaunt, and is packed with optional extras for you to add your own personal finishing touches.


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