Gorebeast Chariot

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A massive construct of hellishly forged metal, a mutant beast and a serrated blade, a Gorebeast Chariot is ridden to war by some of the world's most powerful and bloodthirsty warriors. Its sole purpose is to deliver an unstoppable force to a weak point in the enemy's battle line, shattering in front of it and scattering the rest in panic and chaos. Few enemies can summon up the courage to face the rumble onslaught of one of these murderous war machines, and those foolish enough to do so will be torn apart by monstrous jaws, sliced ??to pieces by sharp-edged halberds, or crushed in the dirt beneath heavy ones , iron-shod wheels.

Gorebeast Chariots are even heavier and more durable than other Chaos Chariots. No normal beast would have the strength to draw such a massive instrument of war, and they are drawn into battle by a Gorebeast, a muscular creature known for its violent temper. These grunting beasts slash their prey with such shocking force that those not impaled by our spikes are ripped apart by the impact. Even the humblest of beasts recognize the massive form of a goebeast as synonymous with death.


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