Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork

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Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork, is the Orruk megaboss at the zenith of the brutal Ironjawz Empire. He is ready to summon Gorkamorka back to the Mortal Realms and the next great Waaagh! to herald He rides a Maw-Krusha named Bigteef.

A truly massive orruk with badly scarred broad features, taller even than a Stormcast Eternal and clad in crude, piecemeal armor, with ferocious trophies hanging from every available surface. A veil of relentless fury hangs over the creature, and it reeks of violence and brutality in a way even the Blood God's followers cannot handle. Gordrakk is nothing short of the fury of a god given form.

Ironjawz believe that during the Age of Chaos Gork became enraged that the dark gods were attempting to enslave them in the realm of Ghur. His fist, easily the size of a continent, kept slamming into the Wildheart, smashing dreadforts into the ground. What was left was a fragment of ankle bone, which was singed with green fire to reveal the massive megaboss now known as the Fist of Gork.

Gordrakk's first war clan were the Fang-krushas - with them he cracked the Kaverlos Doom Engine and felled Archaon's statue at the gate of the Manticore Empire. He rallied a horde of warchanters at Grumbi's Furnace and summoned hundreds of thousands of Ironjawz orruks to the gares of the Dostev Magmahold. For the next six Seasons of Flame he attacked the Fyreslayer stronghold until he destroyed everything and left nothing but bones - then a great green grin is said to have lit up the whole sky and Gordrakk's name spoken by weirdnob shamans in every mortal realm be .

He is known to the people of the Creeping City of Shu'gohl as Obol'Ogar - the King of Death, to the Hillmen as Gordrakk the Mountaincracker, and to the Riftcoast tribes as the Bastion Killer.

During the Realmgate Wars, he traveled to the Gargant's Graveyard with a massive horde of Ironjawz. There he fought and defeated Bloodbound warriors and champions, as well as Lord-Celestant Zephacleas and Sharizad the Shimmering Countess when the latter attempted to claim one of the Eight Laments from Marrowcutter. He later destroyed the Beastfens' Chaos Defenders, seized control of The Growling Gates, and then ambushed and killed Pergus Brightshield's Strike Chamber.

This kit contains 63 components and is supplied with a Citadel 160mm Round Base, alternatively to be built as a Mega Boss on Maw-krusha.


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