Gobsprakk Mouth of Mork

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Gobsprakk Mouth of the Mork

There is only one Orruk in all the Mortal Realms who can harness the wrath of a living god, Gobsprakk, mightiest of all Kruleboyz shamans, does the work of Mork more than any other - not only through magic but through prophecy as well , leadership and above all , a base and devious ruse.

The most notorious of all Swampcalla shamans is Gobsprakk. He is the greatest prophet of all Orruk species, the mouth of Mork to Gordrakk's fist of Gork, and it is clear that the two-headed god's favor is not to be overlooked. Green energy crackles in the air around Gobsprakk when his wrath awakens, and even the killabosses of the Kruleboyz-Warelans have learned to fear the shaman's eyes narrowed, for their humiliation or sudden death soon follows. Those who cross it more than once have a strange habit of suffocating when their lungs are stuffed with swamp water, even when standing in the middle of a plain. What is most notable about Gobsprakk, however, is not his inherent connection to Mork, but his unwavering support of Kragnos, the end of empires.

Ever since the earthquake god was released from his ancient prison, Gobsprakk has been possessed by an orruk. Guided by visions in the Mist and carried aloft on his cadaveric rippa steed, Killabeak, he made his way, not to the Fraktoa Rift to approach his master like so many thousands of other greenskins, nor to Excelsis, where Kragnos' first Attack took place hit home but straight to Dreadspine Fortress. Gobsprakk alone was there, his steed atop a Mork idol in the swamps beyond the keep, as Kragnos sped out on the other side of the massive Dreadhold amidst the dust of a dozen ruined keeps. “Though Kragnos addressed him in a tongue long dead, Gobsprakk found that he could understand the Earthquake thing's guttural Urogrukh language as easily as that of his own tribe. '

Gobsprakk explained to Kragnos what he had seen in his mind's eye - a trampling vision of the end of empires, before pointing to the pinnacle of a vast, nation-spanning Waaaghl that would conquer the entire cosmos. With Kragnos's burning anger temporarily assuaged by the destruction not only of Excelsis but also of Ureadspine Fortress shortly thereafter, the ancient drogrukh grunted that an alliance might be worth considering. Thus Gobsprakk returned to the Ghurish Heartlands at the side of the Living Earthquake, banners reflecting the cave paintings that told his story fluttering from Killabeak's high-backed saddle as he spread visions of impending conquests.
Ever since that day, Gobsprakk has been staying near Kragnos. He translates the thunderous commands Kragnos yells at the green-skinned tribes that crowd around him in awe, and summons living mists to darken the great Drogrukh deity whenever the enemy attacks him. The Alliance has already proven itself invaluable on a dozen battlefields - with an influx of hordes massing at their side, not just from the Kruleboyz but their rowdy cousins ??as well, Kragnos finally has a chance, the Orruk Warclans direct them to act as an army rather than a retinue. In return, Gobsprakk has the mightiest of leaders at his heels to crush anyone who would speak out against his proclamations. Together, boss Swampcalla tells the greenskins, they will do the work of Mork - and anyone who stands in their way will meet an abrupt and chaotic end.


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