Gnomish Airship

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Introducing the Gnomish Airship: A Marvel of Gnomish Engineering

In the fantastical world of Moonstone, where whimsical inventions and magical wonders abound, the Gnomish Airship takes center stage as a marvel of gnome craftsmanship. As a militia machine, this extraordinary creation comes equipped with a set of unique abilities that set it apart from traditional characters on the battlefield.

Up, Up & Away: The Gnomish Airship defies conventional movement, gracefully floating above all terrain and other models during Jog and Step actions. It can navigate freely, as long as it doesn't end its move with its base overlapping another model or barrier terrain. The airship has no interest in engaging in melee combat and is impervious to Melee Attack actions. It cannot be targeted by melee attacks, nor does it engage enemy models or become engaged by them. Furthermore, the Gnomish Airship does not block line of sight, provide cover, or suffer from the perils of falling. However, it's worth noting that when targeted by Arcane actions, it does not benefit from cover.

Reload (Bolt Thrower): The Gnomish Airship is a model of efficiency and innovation. Its Bolt Thrower ability can be reloaded, allowing it to be used again. This adaptability ensures that it can unleash its devastating attacks when needed most.

Bolt Thrower: Once per game, unless reloaded, the Gnomish Airship can fire its Bolt Thrower, a devastating projectile attack that ignores the effects of cover. The target suffers x+2 piercing damage and is moved 1 inch directly away from the impact point. This attack not only inflicts significant damage but also disrupts the enemy's position on the battlefield.

Dropping Bombs (2-inch Pulse): The Gnomish Airship's ability to unleash chaos from above is not limited to its Bolt Thrower. It can deploy a 2-inch pulse of destruction by dropping bombs on unsuspecting foes. All other models within the pulse suffer x+1 magical damage and are moved x inches directly away from the epicenter of the explosion. This area-of-effect attack is a formidable tool for clearing enemy units and gaining tactical advantage.

The Gnomish Airship is a testament to gnome ingenuity and engineering prowess. Its unmatched mobility, ability to reload its potent Bolt Thrower, and the capacity to rain destruction upon foes with its Dropping Bombs ability make it a force to be reckoned with on the Moonstone battlefield. When you deploy the Gnomish Airship, you're not just fielding a character; you're unleashing a mechanical marvel that defies the laws of conventional warfare. Will you make the most of its unique abilities, reload its Bolt Thrower for a devastating follow-up, and rain destruction from above with its Dropping Bombs? The choice is yours, and with the Gnomish Airship, victory takes flight.

The Gnomish Airship Monster Box contains 1 Gnome miniature made in fine quality resin.


  • 1 x Gnomish Airship with Stat Card and Flyer Base

Miniatures are multipart and require assembly.


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