Gnoblar Scraplauncher

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The Scralauncher is a formidable war machine. It's a large and unconventionally built catapult pulled by a huge woolly beast. Its design is haphazard - the ramshackle construction seemingly built "on the go" with a random collection of discarded materials. With every step of his shaggy beast of burden, the jury-rigged device sways dangerously while a frenetic crew of gnoblars swarm about – running alongside, climbing his ropes and pulleys like sailors between the rigging or just clinging for his life.

Despite its sloppy looks, the Gnoblar Scraplauncher is a devastating machine of destruction. Too light (or lazy) to lift rocks, the gnoblars pack the launcher cup with bundles of weapons accumulated during battle. Since the so-called "thinning weapons" are too small for ogres and too big for gnoblars, they are used as ammunition. These loose bundles of malice are hurled at an enemy like a deadly rain. While the barrage of sharp instruments sometimes just touches the ground or clatters loudly against an enemy, so many deadly sharp pieces fly through the air that there's a good chance at least some will hit tender flesh. After a fight, it's a simple matter to collect the weapons during the corpse harvest before the festival. Many of the blades have seen more battles than the gnoblars who fire them.

The animal hauling this scrap thrower is usually a young rhino - adult rhinos are just too stubborn to haul anything, but younger ones aren't quite as strong-willed yet. Other creatures were tried, from the Mournfang to the Thundertusk and even a Stonehorn, but the results were unfavorable at best, leaving behind much shattered wood and gnoblar-shaped specks squeezed out. A rhinox, even a young one, is a massive creature that makes little effort to haul what the gnoblars build - including large sleds with loading platforms, winches, and even huge support beams mounted on the beast itself. Unlike most other war machines, the Scraplauncher moves at a steady pace, crushing enemy units just as deadly as firing, with the Rhinox only too willingly to duck its head and charge.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 109 components with which to make either an Ironblaster or a Scralauncher, and is supplied with a Citadel 120mm Oval base.


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