Gloomtide Shipwreck

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This multi-part plastic kit contains all the parts to build a Gloomtide Shipwreck. This is an Etheric Vortex terrain piece that models with Idoneth Deepkin allegiance can access. The Shipwreck has a sea-decomposed hull, the skeleton of a long-forgotten ship that now provides a home for barnacles, corals, and creatures inclined toward the Idoneth. The model consists of 2 parts that can be placed separately on the battlefield or together to represent a large wreck - each part is covered with barnacles and on them you can find bones and gems, as well as ship details such as a broken sextant, a broken rudder, a lantern and a ship's bell. Numerous sigmaritic details indicate the ship's past, such as a galleon figure with a hammer, a two-tailed comet on the mast and a shield on the back. There are also 6 shoals of sea creatures included - you can add these to the wreck as you wish, but they also make excellent base design elements for miniatures of the Idoneth Deepkin


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