Gloomspite Gitz Squig Herd

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Squig Herd

Squig Herds are anarchic packs of Cave Squigs, herded to the enemy by the Squig Herders of the Moonclan Grots. Herding squigs is a dangerous task and often results in the grot being unplannedly devoured. Most importantly, the hardened grots who make it can earn both respect and respect with the local boss and a pile of shiny riches.

Squig Herders use poke sticks, dangling mushrooms, crashing cymbals, and discordant squigpipes to not only nudge the squigs in the right direction, but to enrage the beasts so much that if they hit enemy lines, they'll smash them in an avalanche of snapping, biting jaws and butting heads. Occasionally, some Squigs can break out and rampage across the battlefield on their own, but even then, the carnage and panic they sow among the enemy ranks works in the Lunar Mad Git's favor


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