Gloomspite Gitz: Fanatics

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Loonsmasha fanatics are grots who are more or less willingly fed potent mushroom concoctions that are highly hallucinogenic and increase the grots' strength and endurance. They are usually chained, temporarily immobilized with poison, and stuffed into sacks before being carted into battle by sneaky mobs. In battle, they receive metal balls on chains and then throw them at the enemies, where they start twisting and twirling their iron balls

They differ from the Loonsmasha Fanatics in that instead of throwing an iron ball, they twirl across the battlefield with a Whisper Bloat and emit billowing clouds of spores with a wet woof.

Very quickly, the Fanatic and the Grots disappear behind them in the spore haze. Additionally, inhaling the spores sends the grots into a frenzy while their enemies cough up chunks of blood from their dissolving lungs.

With this kit you can build 5 Loonsmasha Fanatics or 5 Sporesplatta Fanatics. In addition, you will receive many Bitz and individual parts to personalize your conversions. such as.

  • a skeletonized squig
  • some mushrooms
  • Bonus model Grot

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Hübsches Set, wenige Optionen, zu hoher Preis
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Die Modelle sehen großartig aus, allerdings sind die Posen fest vorgegeben. Lediglich für die Köpfe sowie die Kugeln gibt es je zwei Optionen (mit oder ohne Kapuze/Stahlkugeln oder Pilzhüte). Abgesehen von diesen Optionen bleiben keine Teile übrig. Das Entfernen der Gussgrate kann aufgrund der vielen filigranen Details etwas Zeit in Anspruch nehmen. Insgesamt halte ich den Preis von 35,00 € (UVP) für effektiv fünf Fanatics für überzogen.

Felix W., 26.03.2024 Verified purchase
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