Gloomspite Dankhold Troggboss

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Dankhold Troggboss

The deepest and strangest caves are known to the Grots as Dankholds. More than mere caves, these are places of elemental gloom, where darkness is thick enough to suffocate living beings and a cold dampness settles in the bones of all unfortunate enough to wander lost in the depths. In some places the shadows coagulate into sucking pulps that can swallow a person whole. In others, the caves themselves develop a rough feeling, grating stone fangs and snarling menaces with low voices of grinding stone.

The Dankhold Troggbosses rule these Stygian Depths. They are the petty kings of alien and pernicious courts. Huge beasts, trogg bosses are often the oldest of their monstrous subspecies. Their bodies are thick with enchanted mushrooms, stalagmitic deposits, and layers of dripping slime. The stench of ancient moisture wafting from the folds of their leathery hides is enough to set off an ogor gag. The trogg bosses' enormous fists can squeeze with such slow, ferocious force that they can crush an armored warrior into so much debris and gory pulp. Most importantly, trogg bosses exude an unconscious sense of power and authority that other subterranean beasts instinctively bow to.

It is this weight of presence that compels other troggoths, let alone any other subterranean creature, to follow a trogg boss' lead. No one is really sure why trogg bosses awaken from their slumber in their deep dungeons and start making their way toward the surface world, but once they make their move, they are all but unstoppable. Giant segmapedes, gnarly-legged gitgrabbers, flapper-winged bat squigs, and countless other troglodyte creatures follow a trogg boss, some of which are adopted by the cross-eyed monster as favored pets. Troggoths and grots also flock behind them, the former with instinctive acceptance, the latter hiding in the trogg boss's soothing shadow as he trudges into battle.

Once among the enemies, a Dankhold Troggboss is a formidable foe. He wields a huge mace, which he swings in thundering arcs, crushing entire ranks of the enemy with each swing. His tough skin grows back instantly and gaping wounds heal before the eyes of the horrified enemy. Worst of all, many trogg bosses snatch glowing treasure from their fallen victims. They snatch up the sparkling things because their simple minds appreciate their brilliance, but the result is that many of these beasts unwittingly go to war with talismans for magical protection, powerful charms, and other strange arcana that make them more dangerous than ever .


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