Gladius Twin Heavy Cannon

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Prepare for ground-based fire support with the Gladius Twin Heavy Cannon kit. This comprehensive set includes a formidable weapon turret complete with a sturdy mounting and base plate, ensuring stability and accuracy in combat. Crafted from high-quality resin, each element of this kit is designed for durability and detail.

Unpainted and ready for assembly, the Gladius Twin Heavy Cannon offers versatility and customization options to suit your tactical needs. Whether you're fortifying a defensive position or providing heavy fire support on the front lines, this kit provides the firepower and reliability you need to dominate the battlefield.

With its imposing presence and devastating firepower, the Gladius Twin Heavy Cannon is a vital addition to any mechanized force. Equip your vehicles with this potent weapon system and watch as it delivers overwhelming firepower against enemy armor and fortifications, ensuring victory for your Forces.

Kit includes weapon turret along with mounting and base plate.

Model supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Elements are made from high-quality resin.


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