German Panzer Crew (Late War)

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These battle-hardened veterans stand ready to defend Germany against the relentless onslaught of the Allies, drawing upon their years of skill and experience to hold the line against overwhelming odds. Whether they're commanding Panzer IVs, StuGs, or one of the formidable 'big cats' like the Tiger or Panther, these late-war German tankers are determined to put up fierce resistance against the enemy forces.

With four partial figures designed to fill the hatches of your tanks, each one exudes the hardened resolve of the German tank crews as they prepare to engage the enemy. Whether scanning the battlefield for targets or operating the tank's weaponry with precision, these figures set the tone for a force that will stop at nothing to defend the Fatherland.

Additionally, the set includes three dismounted crewmen, taking the fight to the enemy on foot. These soldiers exemplify the resourcefulness and determination of the German forces as they engage the Allies in close combat, refusing to yield even in the face of overwhelming odds.

Whether you're playing Achtung Panzer! or Bolt Action (or both!), this set is an ideal way to capture the essence of a late-war German force. With these figures, you can immerse yourself in the gritty realism of World War II tank Warfare.

Pack contains:

  • four partial mounted figures
  • three dismounted figures (Warlord Resin) with plastic bases.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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