Genestealer Cults Atalan Jackals

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This set forms a squad of 5 Atalan Jackals - four on dirt bikes accompanied by an Atalan Wolfquad. You can customize your squads with a variety of melee weapons, explosive charges, and ranged weapons, allowing you to equip the unit for a variety of roles on the battlefield. Likewise, the Wolfquad offers options for a mining laser, an Atalan incinerator, or a heavy stub, giving you even more flexibility. All of the kit's arms are interchangeable and you have a huge range of heads and accessories to customize your models.

This kit comes as 89 plastic components, and is supplied with 4 60mm Oval bases and 1 60mm Round base.

Atalan Jackals are a fourth-gen hybrid of sorts Genestealers that charge into battle with fast attack wheels and quads.

Atalan Jackals ride Munitorum-built dirtcycles or wolfquads across the wasteland and dash through underground tunnels. They have the uncanny ability to choose the best positions for a fatal blow, jumping their vehicles over obstacles and onto roofs or portals. They hunt as a pack, each so psychologically connected to the other that five of them can race side by side through an abandoned tunnel without stealing each other's vehicle. In battle, this mental connection makes them all the more formidable as they fight as one.

Like many activities of the Genestealer Cult, Atalan Jackals operate under a legitimate shield. Under the guise of scouts, using industrial machinery to seek out new seams and quarries, jackals seek out their cult and sleuth out new territories without notice. Despite this, cultists always cover their tracks, and jackals lead a nomadic lifestyle, returning to their breeding burrows only when they have something important to report.

In combat, Atalan Jackals are snake-quick, leaping left and right through enemy fire without pausing. They ride in close to strike with crowbars, electric hatchet, and improvised weapons that swing even more deadly. Enemy officers who dismiss them as light cavalry soon realize their mistake, as the jackals carry hidden mine charges which they toss into their ranks.

The leader of a pack of jackals is known as Jackal Alphus.


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