Genestealer Cults Achilles Ridgerunner

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This pack contains a single plastic Achilles Ridgerunner armed with two heavy machine guns and your choice of a heavy mine laser, heavy mortar or rocket launcher. It comes with a variety of other options and optional equipment, and is supplied with a single 120mm oval base.

The Achilles Ridgerunner is a type of Imperial vehicle traditionally used by mining guilds and geological surveyors as an exploration vehicle, often used by Genestealer Cults.

A common mining, exploration, and construction vehicle in the Empire, the Achilles Ridgerunner is used by mining guilds and geological surveyors. Ridgerunners advance into a deadly frontier environment, their pilots searching for promising resources and reporting their locations to the base. The vehicle-mounted mining lasers are typically used to uncover rich seams of minerals, but these powerful energy emitters can be deadly to armor and flesh as well. Standard armament also includes heavy stubbers to fend off enemy fauna, raiders or xenos threats. Their heavy chassis and rigorous suspension also make them well suited to bombed out cities and urban terrain.

Like many civilian vehicles, the Achilles Ridgerunner was converted for military use by Genestealer Cults. Rebuilt into an efficient outrider and reconnaissance vehicle, its armament is expanded to include mortars and rocket launchers. Your primary task in the hands of the Genestealers is to ride ahead of the main cult forces, scouting for potential ambushes and new incursions into enemy territory. Many Ridegerunner crews include a magnocular-equipped scout whose job is to identify and relay enemy troop movements and weak points. This vital data is then sent back to their brood's lair, where it is then disseminated by Nexos strategists. Other Ridgerunners carry flare launchers, which are typically used to signal and coordinate ambushes and evasive maneuvers, as well as to cover the vehicle's advance as a smoke screen.


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