Gecko Squadron

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Introducing the Gecko Squadron, the fearless spearhead of the Nomad boarding forces. These swift and agile warriors take the lead, boldly securing narrow corridors and passageways with unrivaled expertise. Within the tight confines of these challenging environments, the Geckos' compact size and versatile armament establish them as the alpha males of Corregidor's toughest assault teams.

As masters of close-quarter combat, the Geckos fearlessly navigate treacherous terrain, utilizing their speed and agility to outmaneuver their adversaries. Their small stature belies their immense power and tenacity, allowing them to excel in the most challenging and confined spaces.

Armed with a diverse array of weaponry, the Geckos adapt to any situation, ensuring they maintain their superiority in the heat of battle. Whether engaging in fierce firefight or executing precise surgical strikes, these warriors prove their mettle time and time again.

The Gecko Squadron represents the epitome of Nomad expertise in boarding actions. Their specialized skills and unwavering determination make them an invaluable asset in any combat scenario. With their strategic presence, they pave the way for the success of the Nomad forces, securing victory through their unwavering resolve.

Embrace the power and versatility of the Gecko Squadron and witness their relentless assault on the battlefield. Whether you seek to expand your boarding forces or establish dominance in confined spaces, these warriors will lead the charge, proving themselves as the epitome of Corregidor's most formidable assault teams. Prepare for unparalleled action as the Gecko Squadron emerges as the vanguard of your Nomad forces, ready to conquer all obstacles that stand in their way.


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