Gautraeux Bokor

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In the murky and enchanting Bayou, where mystique and ingenuity intertwine, the "Swampfiend" and "Wizz-Bang" keywords converge to unveil a trio of figures that embody the mysterious and inventive nature of the faction. These characters navigate the Bayou's enigmatic and ever-shifting landscape with an air of mystique and a touch of ingenuity that defines the very essence of the faction.

At the heart of this enchanting gathering stand the three Gautraeux Bokors, figures that epitomize the Swampfiend and Wizz-Bang keywords. With their connection to the Bayou's mystical energies and their inventive manipulation of the unknown, the Gautraeux Bokors embody the Bayou's capacity for mystique and the spirit of ingenious experimentation. Their ability to harness the unseen and create inventive contraptions speaks to the enigmatic and inventive nature of the faction.

Together, the three Gautraeux Bokors paint a vivid portrait of the convergence between Swampfiend and Wizz-Bang keywords within the faction's enigmatic dominion. In their presence, the boundaries between mystique and ingenuity blur, and the spirit of magical manipulation and inventive experimentation thrives. As you navigate the murky and ever-changing landscape of the Bayou, be prepared to encounter figures that embody the essence of Swampfiend and Wizz-Bang – characters that seamlessly blend mystique and inventive energy, mirroring the very heart of the faction's mysterious and inventive world.


  • 3 Gautraeux Bokors

  • Malifaux Faction: Bayou
  • Material: Plastic
  • Game System:
  • Language: English

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