Gargoyle Flamer Walking Tank

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This set contains one Gargoyle Flamer Walking Tank

The Gargoyle Flamer Walking Tank is a swift and lethal vehicle employed by the Imperial Guardsmen. Designed for intense short-range fire exchanges, it excels at close-quarters combat and can decimate enemy forces with its array of deadly weapons.

This versatile tank offers three turret options for customization: the Flamethrower Cannon, which engulfs targets in roaring flames; the Magma Cannon, which unleashes molten fury upon foes; and the Acid Spray Cannon, which corrodes and melts through armor. These turrets provide various tactical advantages, allowing you to adapt to different combat scenarios.

In addition to its turret armaments, the Gargoyle Flamer Walking Tank features secondary, hull-mounted weaponry to further enhance its offensive capabilities. This ensures that it remains a formidable force even when engaged in close combat.

The Gargoyle Flamer Walking Tank boasts impressive speed and maneuverability, allowing it to swiftly traverse the battlefield and engage enemies at close range. Its durable construction and reinforced armor offer protection to the crew, making it a reliable asset in any Imperial Guard army.

With its menacing presence and deadly arsenal, the Gargoyle Flamer Walking Tank is a force to be reckoned with on the tabletop. Whether you're engaging in narrative campaigns or competitive battles, this model delivers both visual impact and strategic versatility.

Product Details:

  • One Gargoyle Flamer Walking Tank
  • Fast vehicle of Imperial Guardsmen
  • Three turret options: Flamethrower Cannon, Magma Cannon, and Acid Spray Cannon
  • Secondary, hull-mounted weaponry


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