Gargoyle Brood

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This set contains 10 multi-part plastic Tyranid Gargoyles. Models come with small flying bases.

Sometimes called a "hellbat," a gargoyle is a vicious, winged Tyranid bioform that is often the first Tyranid species seen in combat.

Their main goal seems to be to track down the enemy and sow terror and confusion among them. Thus, fire and the flap of the gargoyles' membranous wings precede the tyranid hordes, driving the foe free to be absorbed by the swarm, and spitting death from their flesh borers.

Adding to the terror is the high-pitched scream before releasing a ball of bioplasma from their mouths.

Although they have six limbs, the lower pair have atrophied to little more than stumps. Due to their small stature, a Gargoyle has limited flight capabilities and relies on the Harridan Bio-Titan for particularly long flights.

Physically, gargoyles closely resemble the termagants from which they are genetically descended, with compact but lithe bodies encased in a lightly armored exoskeleton.

They have broad, leathery wings, claws, and spiked tails. They also display the same animal cunning as their ground-dwelling counterparts, instinctively attacking the enemy from an unexpected direction whenever the situation permits.

The winged maneuverability gives the gargoyles a distinct advantage over most opponents, who rely largely on technological support to fly. As a result, gargoyles have earned a fearsome reputation, a legend that in truth far surpasses their physical threat.

Wherever there are gargoyles abroad, the defenders stare fearfully at the sky, knowing that any shadow cast by the sky could be a swarm of gargoyles about to attack.

Those who encounter Gargoyles believe that they are inherently shy, creatures that flee the face of battle, preferring instead to fight at a distance. In fact, a gargoyle's leathery wings are easily damaged in close combat, an unnecessary waste when the creatures are perfectly attuned to killing their prey at range while avoiding retaliation.

Occasionally, when the gargoyles' natural instincts are suppressed, they will fight with all the desperate ferocity of cornered beasts, entering a frenzied state that more than compensates for any perceived fragility.

While built for long-range combat, gargoyles are not helpless in close-ranged combat. They are able to spit a poisonous liquid, which they instinctively aim at their opponents' eyes to blind them. They then pounce on the enemy with spiky tails and claws until they or their prey are killed or the hive spirit loses control.

Additionally, a quirk in gargoyle behavior drives them to seek out vents and other small entrances to buildings or other dwellings that their swarm attacks.

Despite their wings, they have little trouble crawling into these rooms and entering a fortress, where they will flail wildly with their claws and spiked tails if they try to escape; Many Imperial Guardsmen have discovered just how dangerous a gargoyle can be in an enclosed space this way.


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