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Welcome to Garden Nation, where four clans compete to build their city across the seven territories of a lush garden. Each clan strives to gain the upper hand and establish their dominance in this strategic game of construction and conquest.

In Garden Nation, your goal is to construct buildings by rearranging coffee pots or bird feeders, completing official projects and secret missions. As the city grows, each additional floor requires more inhabitants. Once the required number of inhabitants is reached, their colors float above the building, signifying the validation of common projects. However, rival leaders may not let this stand and will invade opponent's buildings to reclaim them. To assert your choices and influence over others, you must master the art of warfare, strategically deciding who will play after you and where they must go.

Throughout the game, your main actions involve building or abandoning a building, validating common projects, and moving the "Torgrue," which determines the next player. As the 3D city progressively expands on the board, your action's location determines where the subsequent action will take place. You hold the power to decide who will act next, adding an element of control and strategy to your gameplay.

Navigate the intricacies of Garden Nation as you build, compete, and conquer in this dynamic world. Make tactical decisions to outwit your opponents, claim territories, and establish your dominance. Will your clan rise above the rest and shape the garden city according to your Vision?


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