Galen and Doralia Ven Denst

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Deep within the city of Excelsis lie several wards sealed off on pain of death, areas forever ravaged by Tzeentchian sorcery left behind after the rebellion of the traitor Ortam Vermyre. To deal with the magical creatures and random spells that found their way out of these quarantine zones, the Order of Azyr was founded, with the experienced witch hunter Galen ven Denst at its helm. Along with his daughter Doralia, an incomparable sniper who has perfected the art of banishing rogue demons with her rune-etched crossbow bolts, he devotes his life to eradicating all manner of arcane threats to Excelsis.

The unique fighting styles of this father-daughter combo are revealed when deployed on the battlefield, with Galen charging into furious melee combat while Doralia eliminates her targets from afar. Both wield weapons ideal for hunting arcane foes, and are capable of dissipating magical energies and negating the largest of endless spells.

The kit consists of 18 plastic parts with which you can assemble a Galen ven Denst and a Doralia ven Denst. Galen can be assembled with a choice of weapon arms, holding either a pistol and torch or a sword and pistol. Doralia can be assembled with or without her tall, wide-brimmed witch hunter hat. These models are supplied with 2x Citadel 28mm Round Bases.a


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