Galaxy Trucker (remastered)

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Galaxy Trucker is a fast-paced and goofy family game. It all begins by simultaneously rummaging through the common warehouse, trying to grab the most useful component tiles (finely crafted sewer pipes, in fact) to build your spaceship.

Once the ships are launched, you will encounter dangerous situations (like dodging meteors or fighting enemies!) while vying for financial opportunities. Each one of you is hoping to gain the most valuable cargo and work towards finishing with as much of their ship still intact as possible.

Your goal is to survive the journey - hopefully with at least some of your crew and ship still intact - and have at least one credit by the end of the game. You earn credits by:

  • delivering goods
  • defeating pirates
  • having the best-looking ship
  • reaching your destination before the others

That´s in the box:

  • 2 double-sided flight boards
  • 4 triple-sided ship boards
  • 156 space ship components
  • 68 cosmic credit tiles
  • 6 trucker title tiles (for the more challenging Transgalactic Trek - see below)
  • 60 adventure cards
  • 42 astronaut figures
  • 4 brown alien figures
  • 4 purple alien figures
  • 8 rocket markers in 4 colors
  • 40 battery tokens
  • 55 goods blocks
  • 2 dice
  • 1 sand timer
  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 reference sheet

This version of Galaxy Trucker is a relaunch of the original 2007 release by Vlaada Chvátil that features new art, more ship tiles, tweaked card effects, and streamlined gameplay that consists of only a single flight through space.

That said, should you want a longer, more challenging experience, you can also play a three-flight game known as the "Transgalactic Trek":

Transgalactic Trek is the ultimate test of skill, speed, and courage! After mastering the basic flight round, why not face this epic, extra challenging three-flight campaign to establish a name for yourself?

The Transgalactic Trek uses all new title tiles that each have their own specific completion criteria and are rewarded at the end of the flight. Titles tiles are picked randomly for each Transgalactic Trek. Once earned, players keep their title for the remainder of Transgalactic Trek flights. On the next flight, you will try to defend your title and earn extra credits across the remaining flights. With the right building strategy, you might become one of the following titleholders:

  • Freight Hauler with the most cargo components that have at least one block of goods on them
  • Power Trucker loves the hum of the shields, the roar of double engines, and the sizzle of double cannons - earned by having the most components that use batteries
  • Xenoquartermaster knows best what aliens seek for - privacy! The distance between the alien and the nearest cabin will be crucial
  • Cruise Captain with the most occupied cabins with panoramic windows
  • Master Engineer with the most components on your ship (counted when the flight is over!)
  • Corridorist builds the longest chain of corridors... it's trickier than you might imagine!


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