Fyreslayers Vulkite Berzerkers

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Vulkite Berzerkers

Vulkite Berzerkers are the professional warriors who make up the main foot troops of the Fyreslayer Lodges. Their tanned, muscular bodies are honed by a lifetime of battle and inlaid with ur-gold runes, granting them the strength and resilience of Grimnir. They are warriors steeped in history and fame, and tales abound of them fighting on, bleeding from dozens of wounds, arrows protruding from their flesh, but Grimnir's wrath still rages within them. They stubbornly cling to martial pride and are born of an ancient tradition and devotion to the art of war.

Karls are the champions and leaders who go into battle with elaborate weapons and helmets. They are stronger than other Vulkite Berserkers. They also lead their lodges in ritual preparations before a battle, ranging from tattooing to braiding their beards to coating their combs with various substances to keep them tall and stiff.

Some of these berserkers carry the horns of Grimnir into battle. The sonorous call is said to be the booming voice of their god, and when blown, the ur-gold runes hammered into the flesh of the Fyreslayers shine brighter, and their zeal and rage reach ever greater heights.

They can wield Fyresteel Handaxes, Fyresteel War-picks, and Bladed Slingshields. Some carry Fyresteel Throwing Axes on their belts. Wielding two hand axes, these hand axes fly into battle like a whirlwind of death and destruction, while those with waraxes use them to pierce the armor and flesh of their foes. Those wielding Bladed Slingshields are trained to hurl them at their targets when charging, and free them of their enemies' wounded corpses as soon as they close in on them. Like their god, they wear small armor into battle and wear their hair in a high crest, which they dye in the colors of their lodge. Some carry silver or gold keys, a symbol of rank and their ancestral connections to Aqshy.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the parts necessary to assemble 10 Vulkite Berzerkers, fierce and strong warriors of the Fyreslayers. They offer an impressive array of weapons - Fyresteel handaxes, war-picks and throwing shields - and have ur-gold runes hammered into their hides. One model can be built with the Horn of Grimnir and one model can be built as Karl with an ornate Fyresteel handaxe or war-pick and your own head options. The kit contains a wealth of additional runes and keys to decorate your Fyreslayers with.

The kit comes as 74 components, and is supplied with 10 Citadel 32mm Round bases.


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