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Introducing Fuma, the Versatile Ninja:

Step into the shadows with Fuma, a versatile and indispensable addition to any Ninja Warband, embodying the essence of the North Star way. With a wealth of strategic options at their disposal, Fuma proves to be an excellent toolbox for navigating the treacherous world of covert operations.

Equipped with two weapon options, Fuma ensures adaptability on the battlefield. Whether engaging in close-quarters combat or striking from a distance, their prowess knows no bounds. But it is their built-in Blind Bombs that truly sets them apart, unleashing a cloud of disorienting chaos that hampers the enemy's vision and disrupts their plans.

Adding to their arsenal, Fuma possesses the invaluable ability of Activation Removal, allowing them to thwart the plans of their adversaries and disrupt the carefully choreographed movements of opposing forces. This tactical advantage grants you the upper hand, ensuring you dictate the flow of battle.

Fuma's strengths extend beyond their utility on the field. With the inclusion of the North Star Theme card, they bring forth an entirely new playstyle for the House. This card unlocks a plethora of strategic possibilities, enabling you to prepare for any eventuality and adapt to the shifting tides of battle.

Embrace Fuma's versatility, harness their cunning, and embody the true spirit of the North Star. Unleash their full potential as they navigate the shadows, outmaneuver foes, and pave the way to victory. The path to triumph lies before you, and with Fuma by your side, there is no challenge too great for a master of deception and Finesse.


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