Frostheart Phoenix

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A phoenix is ??a magical avian beast of Ulthuan in the form of a giant raptor that possesses innate control of fire and eventually frost if it lives long enough. Phoenixes dwell among the Flaming Spiers—great alabaster pillars of rock that guard the shrine of Asuryan.

These stone towers constantly burn with magical flames as Aqshy - the magical wind of fire - blows around these rocks as it is relentlessly drawn towards the Isle of the Dead.

But Aqshy has not only left its mark on these silent stones. Over generations, the Phoenixes of the Flamespyres have acclimated to fire magic and use it at will.

As a Flamespyre Phoenix ages, its body cools and even begins to draw heat from its surroundings. Finally the plumage that once blazed with fire grows heavy with frost and ice. Once this happens, the phoenix must leave the Flamespyres, for the cold that surrounds it causes agony in its brightly burning kin. Most of these Frostheart phoenixes live in solitary exile on cliffs along the Eataine coast, until their bodies eventually freeze solid, leaving strange frozen statues along the crags and cliffs. Others return to the Shrine of Asuryan to offer their last days of service as Warsteeds.

While a Frostheart Phoenix may not possess the strength and fire it commanded when it was young, it is a much more resilient mount. The ice that encases his form is as hard as glass, and foes - who do not benefit from the Rider's enchanted armor - find their own strength and resolve eaten away by his frosty presence. Knowing they can no longer revive in magical fire, the Frostheart Phoenixes fight even harder to defend their homeland, determined to end their existence and strike a final blow against the enemies of Ulthuan.


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