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These walls may look simple but they provide a safe haven for all those lucky enough to live within.“

Behold the marvel of engineering and craftsmanship – the Modular Fortress Walls. Crafted from durable 3mm MDF, this versatile piece of scenery is the perfect addition to your 25-32mm wargame city board or a large-scale RPG encounter. Assemble your very own fortress and immerse yourself in the thrill of epic battles and grand adventures.

The beauty of these walls lies in their modularity. Each section seamlessly connects with the others, allowing you to create a variety of configurations. Whether you're defending your stronghold from invading forces or exploring mysterious ruins, the Modular Fortress Walls offer limitless possibilities for your gaming experience.

The kit includes enough wall sections to cover approximately 2x3.5ft, providing ample space for your miniature armies to clash in epic clashes. As you assemble the pieces, you'll witness a city rising from the tabletop, full of strategic opportunities and immersive storytelling.

Please note that the model comes unpainted and requires assembly, but fear not! With a little PVA glue and some creative flair, you can bring your fortress to life.

The Fortress set contains:

  • 4 Corners
  • 2 Straight walls
  • 2 Gates
  • 2 stairs
  • 2 wall buttresses.

Prepare to fortify your gaming world with the Modular Fortress Walls and set the stage for unforgettable battles and heroic tales. The fate of your realm awaits your command!


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