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The Bitter Reach is an epic campaign module that offers players an unforgettable adventure as they travel to the desolate and dangerous wastelands of the north. The book is filled with rich storytelling, vivid descriptions, and exciting encounters that will keep players on the edge of their seats. As players journey through the Bitter Reach, they'll encounter numerous challenges and obstacles, including treacherous blizzards, deadly predators, and powerful magic.

To help players succeed, the book contains two new magic disciplines, Elemental Magic and Ice Affinity, which allow players to harness the power of the elements and manipulate ice to their advantage. Additionally, there's a new Champion profession with unique profession talents that provide powerful bonuses in combat and other situations.

The travel rules have also been expanded, including rules for snow, cold, and fuel management, with over 40 new random encounters to keep the journey interesting and unpredictable. Players will also face eight new monsters, each with unique abilities and weaknesses, including the imposing Frost Dragon, the massive Ice Giant, and the terrifying Wendigo.

The Wake of the Winter King campaign is the centerpiece of the adventure, featuring eight key players vying for control of the treasures hidden in the Bitter Reach. The campaign includes ten fully illustrated adventure sites that can be played in any order, and an epic campaign finale that gives the adventurers the power to determine the future of the Bitter Reach.

Overall, The Bitter Reach offers players an immersive and thrilling adventure, packed with challenging encounters, rich storytelling, and exciting twists and turns. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer to the Forbidden Lands RPG, this campaign module is sure to be a highlight of your gaming experience.


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