Foot Knights (1150-1320)

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'Death to the Enemy!' Such was the rallying cry of the knights of 12th and 13th century Europe, sons of noble birth who reigned supreme on the battlefield. Heavily armed and armored, they were formidable adversaries, their prowess unmatched by few. Bound by feudal allegiance to their lords, each knight served in exchange for land and other riches bestowed upon them through the feudal system.

Constant training was the hallmark of these warrior elites, honing their skills in arms and horsemanship to perfection. As members of medieval society's elite, knights held esteemed ranks and practiced the ideals of chivalry, although often falling short of its lofty standards. The adoption of colored banners, shields, and surcoats heralded the rise of heraldry, marking knights with symbols of their lineage and valor.

This hard plastic box set enables you to assemble up to 24-foot knights, armed with a diverse array of weapons including axes, falchions, spears, maces, and the iconic arming sword. With various heads and shields provided, customization options abound, allowing you to create a host of unique and formidable warriors. Furthermore, parts from this set can be combined with others in the range for even greater versatility.

This release marks the inception of a new range, 'The Age of Chivalry,' which will soon expand to include sets featuring Sergeants, Levy, and cavalry. Prepare to embark on a journey back in time to an era of gallantry and honor, where the clash of swords and the thunder of hooves echoed across the medieval landscape.


  • 24 Multi-part hard plastic 28mm figures

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included. Not for Children. Contents may vary from photos.


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