Flesh-Eater Courts Crypt Ghouls

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Crypt Ghouls

Slavers drool from mouths with rotting fangs while hordes of crypt ghouls hiss their admiration for their king. They scurry into battle at his command, their broken claws tearing across the ground while their mouths stretch wide in anticipation of the feast to come.

Ghoul is a word familiar to almost every corner of the Mortal Realms. These are the hideous creatures that make up the bulk of a hideous ghoul king's seething armies, and they have an appetite for meat that is both repulsive and insatiable. Infected by the insanity of the Abominable King, their madness grows stronger the longer Crypt Ghouls serve in the King's court. Soon the ghouls no longer see themselves as monsters, nor do they view the flesh they feast on as a departure from the natural order. They think of themselves as burly foot soldiers of the royal court or keen-eyed scouts ahead of its armies. In truth, they are a cannibal horde of naked and hungry monsters. Anyone who gets in the way of a ghoul pack has only two choices: fight or be devoured. Once the king has set his ghouls on an enemy's trail, the carnivorous creatures will not rest until they have returned to their master, laden with dripping slices of freshly harvested meat.

Crypt Ghouls are particularly deadly in large numbers. A single creature will take its time to feed and will gorge itself on raw meat, often to the point of becoming nauseous. However, once there is competition for its meal, it goes into a frenzy, eager to quickly kill its prey and feast on the remains before its brothers and sisters can steal its prey.

Crypt Ghouls are utterly devoted to their vile master and will brave death without hesitation. All the cowardly parts of their souls have been wiped out by their king's madness, and they fight like rabid beasts, often dying to the last rather than displease their lord. On the rare occasion that a ghoul turns to flee, its relatives quickly drag it to the ground. Such is the fate of the cowards in the Flesh-eater Courts, where the brave continue to fight for their king's favor, their bellies filled with the flesh of the weak.


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