Ferryman's Toll

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Welcome to the grim and haunting domain of the Resurrectionists, a faction within the twisted world of Malifaux. These necromantic practitioners defy the laws of life and death, commanding legions of undead and spirits to serve their dark purposes. Among them, the Tormented and the Urami stand as ominous reminders of the horrors that dwell within the shadows.

At the heart of the Resurrectionists lies Kari Zotiko, a figure shrouded in mystery and sorrow. Once a renowned surgeon, Kari's obsession with conquering death led him down a dark path, ultimately leading to his transformation into a twisted abomination. Now, fueled by grief and regret, Kari wanders the streets of Malifaux, seeking solace in the company of the dead.

Accompanying Kari is the enigmatic figure known only as The Ferryman, a spectral entity tasked with guiding the souls of the departed to their final resting place. With his skeletal visage and ethereal presence, The Ferryman serves as a grim harbinger of death, ferrying lost souls across the river Styx to the afterlife.

In the hands of the Resurrectionists, death is not the end, but merely the beginning of a dark and twisted journey. With their necromantic powers and mastery over the forces of the beyond, they wield the very essence of life and death itself, reshaping the world of Malifaux in their own Image.


  • Kari Zotiko
  • The Ferryman

Miniatures supplied unpainted and required assembly.


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