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Beneath the shadows of the wasteland, lurk the Nightkin. These elite Super Mutants, creations of the Master himself, are some of the most dangerous and feared creatures in the post-apocalyptic world.

Their purple hue serves as a testament to the extensive experimentation conducted upon them, granting them heightened strength, speed, and agility. But it is their near-addiction to Stealth Boys that truly sets them apart, allowing them to move undetected and strike with deadly precision.

While they may not be as physically imposing as their standard counterparts, the Nightkin make up for it with their cunning and tactical approach to combat. Their experience in the art of stealth and their proficiency with a range of weapons make them a force to be reckoned with.

Now, two of these formidable creatures stand before you. One equipped with a ranged weapon, ready to pick off enemies from afar, while the other wields a close combat weapon, eager to engage in up-close and personal combat. Will you have what it takes to command these creatures of the night?


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