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Marcus has led a life full of twists and turns, from being a member of the Master's army to becoming a sheriff in Broken Hills. Now, as the leader of Jacobstown, he provides a sanctuary for Super Mutants and Nightkin, though it's not without its challenges. Having experienced numerous conflicts and incidents, Marcus strives to maintain peace, but he's also a seasoned fighter who can hold his own if necessary.

Joining Marcus in this set is Lily, a Nightkin with a unique and unpredictable personality disorder. At times, she can be a caring and nurturing grandmother, but at others, she transforms into a ferocious combat monster named 'Leo'. The balance between these two personas is delicate, and only time will tell which one will ultimately take control.

This set includes two finely crafted miniatures of Marcus and Lily, each one standing on a scenic base to evoke the rugged terrain of Jacobstown. These high-quality miniatures are perfect for use in tabletop games set in the Fallout universe or as collectibles for fans of the series.

So, whether you're looking to add these unique characters to your collection or want to bring them to life in a tabletop game, the Marcus and Lily set has everything you need. Prepare to enter the post-apocalyptic wasteland and experience the thrills of adventure alongside these fascinating and complex characters.


  • Marcus
  • Lily
  • 2 Scenic bases


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