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In the heart of the New Vegas Strip, the PDQ-88b securitrons stand tall and watchful. With their imposing frames and advanced technologies, they are the unquestioned guardians of Mr. House's realm.

As the faithful beat cops of the Strip, they ensure that no one disturbs the fragile peace that reigns within its confines. No lawbreaker can hope to evade their unblinking gaze or the swift justice they mete out.

But the securitrons' authority is not without its flaws. For while they are the sole agents of legality and order on the Strip, their definition of "legal" is determined by Mr. House alone. And who can say what his true motives and intentions are?

Nonetheless, the securitrons stand vigilant, ready to enforce the will of their enigmatic creator. Two of these mechanical enforcers now come to you, accompanied by their own scenic bases, as a reminder that even in the wasteland, order can be maintained...at a price.


  • 2 Securitron Enforcer Robots
  • 2 Scenic bases


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