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Fairy Skin from Xpress Color is a sublime shade designed specifically for painting the gentle and ethereal features of fantastical creatures like fairies, elves, and sprites. This color provides a light, peachy-pink hue that mimics the soft and luminous skin tones often associated with these mythical beings. It's ideal for artists looking to bring a touch of realism and magic to their miniature figures.

The subtle beauty of Fairy Skin lies in its ability to enhance the delicate features of your models. It offers excellent coverage for base layers while also being perfect for fine details and highlights. This color can give your characters a healthy, glowing complexion that suggests an otherworldly origin, making it easier to convey their magical nature.

Fairy Skin blends wonderfully with other colors in the Xpress Color range, allowing for seamless transitions and natural shading. Mixing it with lighter colors can enhance its luminosity, creating highlights that appear to capture and reflect light. For deeper shadows or more defined features, adding a touch of a darker shade can produce beautiful gradients that emphasize the contours and delicate structures of your models' faces and bodies.

Adding Fairy Skin to your palette will not only broaden your artistic capabilities but also enhance the visual storytelling of your miniatures. It is an indispensable color for anyone painting characters that inhabit a world of fantasy and enchantment, providing the tools needed to achieve lifelike yet magical results.

Xpress Color is presented in bottles of 18 ml/0.6 fl oz with eyedropper. This packaging prevents the paint from evaporating and drying in the container, so that It can be used in minimal quantities and preserved for a long time.


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