Extra rails for Miniatures Carrying Case

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Elevate your miniature storage solutions with our Extra Rails for Miniatures Carrying Case. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing case or cabinet, these additional rails unlock new heights of organization and protection for your precious miniatures.

With the Extra Rails, you can create additional tiers within your carrying case, maximizing its capacity and ensuring that every miniature has its designated place. No longer will your figures jostle and collide during transport; instead, they'll remain securely in place, shielded from damage and ready for battle upon arrival.

Each set includes 2 packs of guides, allowing you to effortlessly create 2 new heights within your case. Whether you're a seasoned hobbyist with a vast collection or a newcomer looking to expand your storage options, these Extra Rails are the perfect solution for keeping your miniatures safe and organized on the go.

Don't let limited space hinder your hobby—unlock the full potential of your Miniatures Carrying Case with our Extra Rails and take your collection to new heights.

This set includes 2 packs of guides with which you can create 2 new heights.


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