Everchosen Archaon Exalted Grand Marshal

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Archaon is the Everchosen of Chaos, the downfall of all, uniting the armies of the Dark Gods as the greatest of their champions, wielding the legendary demon sword, the Slayer of Kings, and mounted atop the terrible beast known as the Dorghar. He will command the armies of Chaos to ensure that Sigmar's heroes fail and destroy the Mortal Realms.

Sigmar's Tempest swept across the Mortal Realms, sending the Stormcast Eternals into battle as lightning bolts. Archaon quickly sent armies after them so he could gauge their strength, and though he lost many thousands, he still had endless hosts to draw from. Their arrival prompted many old gods to take action and gather armies to settle old scores. He surveyed his Realm Lords - the generals of his armies - and plotted the destruction of the Stormcast.

He first faced these new foes on Mount Kronus, slaughtering the Hammers of Sigmar and smashing their best with the Slayer of Kings. Realizing Sigmar's plan to conquer the Realmgates, he reinforced the Eightpoints and sabotaged many Realmgates with murder spells. The Primal Vortex, the Iron Star Gates, and the Crystal Portals of Hysh were just a few of the places where Stormcast fell prey to these spells.

The Grand Tyrant and his World Stampede were thrown into Ghur's Amber Canyon by Archaon, who led an army of monstrous abominations.

There are 85 components in total, supplied with a massive Citadel 160mm Round Base.


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