Euripides Core Box

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Embark on a journey into primal power and ancient forces with this fierce ensemble, embodying the raw strength and untamed essence of the Savage keyword. These figures unite to create a force that wields the elemental fury and commands formidable creatures on the tabletop.

Leading this ensemble is Euripides, a central figure who embodies the essence of the Savage keyword. His presence on the battlefield reflects his connection to the primal forces of nature and his ability to command the untamed spirits of the wild.

Primordial Magic, this mystical essence completes the set, representing the raw energy and elemental power that the Savage keyword encapsulates. With its ability to channel the primal forces of nature, the Primordial Magic adds both mysticism and elemental potency to your gameplay.

The ancient creature Thoon, embodying the very essence of primordial might, rounds out the set. Its presence reflects the ancient power and raw strength that the Savage keyword represents.

The Gigants, formidable creatures of the wild complete the ensemble, embodying the very embodiment of untamed ferocity and primal might. With their ability to command the wild forces of nature and dominate the battlefield, these figures provide both raw power and primal dominance to your forces.

United under the Savage keyword, this ensemble captures the Neverborn's mastery of primal energy and their ability to command the wild spirits of the natural world. Whether it's through elemental fury, untamed influence, or the fusion of both, these figures epitomize the Neverborn's fascination with channeling the raw essence of nature's might. Embrace the power of elemental fury, command with primal influence, and lead your Savage forces with unyielding determination as you guide this unique faction towards triumph.


  • Euripides
  • Primordial Magic
  • Thoon
  • 3 Gigants


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