Etherfields: Stretch Goals Harpy & She-Wolf Campaign - engl.

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In the Harpy Campaign, the Dreamers find themselves on a tumultuous journey through the Dreamworld, seeking retribution for the thief who robbed them of their cherished memories and crushed the comfort of their fantasy. Traverse through vibrant and vivid locales, including the bustling Infinite Market, the ominous Prison, and the exuberant Parades, Parties, and Carnivals.

Each dream presents a unique challenge, and you'll have the freedom to approach them in several different ways, leading to distinct outcomes. Your choices hold immense power, impacting the narrative in profound ways, so tread carefully and choose wisely.

Forge a bond with the enigmatic Harpies, and with their guidance, uncover the trail of the elusive thief. As the Dreamers navigate through dreams that reflect the deepest corners of their minds, they'll confront their fears, desires, and the lingering shadows of their past. Through these trials, the Dreamers will not only discover the truth about the thief but also unlock hidden strengths within themselves.

In this captivating campaign, the lines between reality and illusion blur, and the Dreamers must confront the consequences of their choices, setting the stage for an unforgettable showdown that will shape the Dreamworld's destiny.

The She-Wolf Campaign sets the stage for an epic war between the chaotic beings of the Urbanized Nightmare Rift and the serene spirits of the Endless Forest, a realm governed by nature alone. These two opposing forces seem destined for conflict, and the Dreamers find themselves thrust into the midst of this ancient battle.

Venture through the frozen Taiga, embarking on a quest to find the elusive Elixir of Wisdom, a potent elixir with the power to tip the scales in this war between darkness and light. Along the way, you'll face the corrupted Elven King, whose malevolent influence threatens to tip the balance further.

Surviving the treacherous Summer Vacation will test the Dreamers' resolve, as they navigate interconnected dreams, all leading to the final confrontation between the She-Wolf and the Parasites. The Dreamers must prepare for this decisive battle, as the fate of the Dreamworld hangs in the balance.

Through every twist and turn of this gripping campaign, the Dreamers' choices will determine the outcome of the conflict. The destiny of the She-Wolf and the Dreamworld itself rests upon the shoulders of the Dreamers, as they delve deeper into the enigmatic and ever-shifting realm of Etherfields.


  • 4 High Quality Models
  • 129 Oversized Cards
  • 249 Standard Cards
  • 20+ Tokens
  • 1 Script Book
  • 1 Special „etherfields 2.0“ Envelope With:
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Bonus Content Sheet
  • 4 Save Sheet Pages
  • Various Cards

Etherfields Core Box required to Play.


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