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Prepare to expand the world of Etherfields with the inclusion of the long-awaited 5th player option! But that's not all; this expansion also introduces a thrilling new character archetype known as the Reaper, providing exciting and innovative gameplay mechanics for both individual and team strategies.

As the 5th player, you'll join your friends on an extraordinary journey through the dreamworld, adding a fresh perspective and new dynamics to the gameplay. But even if you're playing with fewer players, the Reaper archetype offers an additional character option, making each game experience unique and engaging.

The Reaper is a character fueled by wounds, and the more wounds she takes, the more powerful her combos become. Embrace the risk and opt for full-on daring gameplay, utilizing the Reaper's powerful abilities to gain an edge over adversaries. Alternatively, tread a more balanced path, focusing on building a formidable healing deck that can turn the tide of any challenge.

The Reaper's unique mechanics will not only impact her individual gameplay but also bring fascinating dynamics to the entire team. Her strategic choices will influence the course of each adventure, opening up multiple ways to approach challenges and interact with the dreamworld.

Players can choose to combine the Reaper's abilities with other characters' strengths, creating powerful synergies and cooperative strategies. The Reaper's presence will add layers of complexity and excitement to the already engaging gameplay of Etherfields.

With the Etherfields: Reaper Expansion, the dreamworld will become an even more thrilling and immersive place. Whether you're a seasoned Etherfields veteran or a newcomer to the game, the addition of the 5th player and the Reaper archetype will breathe new life into your adventures.

Requires Etherfields Core Box to Play.


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