Eternal Servitude

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Step into the world of unwavering loyalty and commanding influence with this captivating set, embodying the dedication and power of the Retainer keyword. These figures unite to create a force that blends the strength of masters and their devoted followers on the tabletop.

Leading this ensemble is Manos the Risen, a formidable figure who embodies the essence of the Retainer keyword. His presence on the battlefield is a testament to his necromantic prowess and his mastery over his devoted retinue.

A figure of spectral allure and enigmatic charm, Yin the Penangalan complements Manos's influence with her unique abilities. Her role in manipulation and spectral power adds an element of supernatural intrigue and utility to your gameplay.

Toshiro the Daimyo: This influential master completes the set, embodying the Retainer's ability to lead and command his followers. With the power to enhance their abilities and strategically control the battlefield, Toshiro the Daimyo provides both utility and strategic advantage to your forces.

3 Ashigaru round out the set, representing the Retainer's dedicated warriors. With their commitment to their master's cause and their tactical support, these figures contribute both strength and loyalty to your forces.

United under the Retainer keyword, this ensemble captures the Resurrectionists' commitment to the unbreakable bond between masters and their devoted followers. Whether it's through necromantic prowess, spectral allure, or the strength of loyalty, these figures embody the Resurrectionists' fascination with commanding unity. Embrace the power of leadership, command with spectral influence, and lead your Retainer forces with unwavering determination as you guide this unique faction to victory.


  • Manos the Risen
  • Yin the Penangalan
  • Toshiro the Daimyo
  • 3 Ashigaru


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