Ergun Battlefleet Set

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The Ergun Assault Battleship stands unrivaled in its ability to spearhead landing operations with unmatched efficiency. While many naval forces favor the deployment of multiple, smaller vessels, operating on the principle that some may be lost but not all, the Emperor holds a different belief. He deems it madness to risk losing troops before they even set foot on land.

Thus, the Empire commissioned the construction of the Ergun—a formidable battleship designed to withstand the barrage of coastal defenses as it approaches its target. Alchemical rockets and relentless gun battery fire rain down upon enemy emplacements and shore defenses, serving as a prelude to the vessel's relentless advance.

This concentrated assault makes the Ergun a prime target for enemy fire, a fact that astute Commodores leverage to their advantage. By orchestrating feints and counterattacks, they divert attention away from the Assault battleship, mitigating the damage it sustains en route to the shoreline.

Upon reaching its destination, the Ergun's ramp descends with a resounding clash of metal, signaling the commencement of the assault. Troops disembark swiftly, facilitated by the vessel's efficient paddlewheels, which effortlessly extricate the behemoth from land and back to sea.

In this manner, the Ergun not only ensures the safe delivery of troops to their destination but also provides vital support from afar, epitomizing the Empire's unwavering commitment to military supremacy and strategic ingenuity.


  • 1x Ergun Assault Battleship
    • (may also be built as Heilong Class)
  • 2x Diyu Immolation Cruisers
    • (may also be built as Yaoji, Mekong, Wuhan, Lantau or Qiang Class)
  • 2x Hexie Hover Zebeks
  • 2x SRS Landing Troops

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.


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