Epic Encounters: Local Legends (Night Hag) - engl.

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The Night Hag, Marshina, is on a sinister quest to harness the ancient leylines, threatening the stability of the entire multiverse. If left unchecked, her dark ambitions could spell disaster for all realms!

Attention, Game Masters! This box contains everything you need to orchestrate epic roleplaying encounters featuring the malevolent Night Hag with ease.

Legends whisper that Marshina's schemes are a path to godhood, with each swing of her cursed scythe bringing her closer to unimaginable power. Her elusiveness is legendary - so much so that many doubt her existence altogether.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into any fantasy roleplaying game, this Local Legend kit provides the tools to create unforgettable moments in your campaigns. It pairs perfectly with the Local Legends Tavern Kit and is 5e-compatible, offering flexibility for any game system.

Inside, you'll find a challenging encounter, an illustrated battlemap, and highly detailed miniatures, all crafted to simplify the Game Master's role. Deliver epic encounters with minimal effort and let your players face the wrath of Marshina, the Night Hag!


  • a challenging Encounter
  • illustrated battlemap
  • 4 highly detailed miniatures


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