Epic Battles: French Middle & Old Guard

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Napoleon created the Imperial Guard as an army within an army. Gaining access to their sacred ranks was the dream of many French soldiers. Better pay, food, uniforms and a swagger that carried them across Europe - it was an honored post and they worshiped their Emperor. They were far from palace guards, however, as their long and active service made them first-rate soldiers who could be counted on to get the job done.

This plastic set contains enough troops to field three Guard Battalions (80 soldiers each) with accompanying Mounted Officers. Old Guard can be identified by the brass plate on the front of their bearskin hats and the back patch on it. The Mid Guard bearskins did not carry the brass plate or back patch, so these can be painted over like fur. We've added a few extra heads; those wishing to further differentiate their units can replace some of them with the shako or hood to mediate the more poorly supplied middle guard, although this is not mandatory!

Also includes units from the Marines of the Guard (30 soldiers) and Engineers of the Guard (30 soldiers). These add another pop of color and variety to the French army. To cover the Guards in the charge, Napoleon used His Lovely Daughters, a large 12-pounder gun manned by excellent gunners that could reach further than most Allied guns. A dangerous opponent indeed...


    3 x Guard Battalions of 80 men each - with optional head options to represent the poorer uniformed middle guard
3 x Mounted Brigade Commanders
Guard Marines (30 men)
Guard Engineers (30 men)
3 x foot artillery 12-pdrs
1 x Full Color French Flag Napoleonic Leaflet


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