Epic Battles: ACW - Union Cavalry & Zouaves Brigade

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With their dashing, brightly colored uniforms, the Zouaves light infantry regiments took part in all the major battles of the American Civil War. There were several renowned Zouave regiments in Union service such as the 14th Brooklyn, Fire Zouaves and Duryée's Zouaves.

Fighting on horseback and armed with pistol, saber and carbine, the cavalry's role during the Civil War was that of mounted infantry, reconnaissance and patrol units rather than the shock cavalry of earlier eras. Skirmishers were an important element of both sides' armies as they provided battle screens for the main units and harassed enemy flanks.

This plastic set provides enough models to field a complete Union Brigade, consisting of a 100-man Zouaves regiment, a Cavalry regiment, a Dismounted Cavalry regiment, and a Scharmützler regiment.


  • 3x Cavalry & Zouave's sprue
  • 3x Base Sprues
  • 1x Colored Union Flag Sheet

  • Language: English
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